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Great news for Disney fans today, as the bare necessities of the live-action version of The Jungle Book has been revealed in an enticing, though short, teaser clip.

The clip of the Jon Favreau directed film was released on social media, and though it doesn't show a huge amount, it sets the tone for the film as a dark, and moody remake. Audiences get a glimpse into the jungle setting, before seeing a brief shot of man-cub Mowgli standing amongst it all, dwarfed by his surroundings. Take a look for yourself:

How beautiful does that look?!

At Disney's recent D23 Expo audiences were treated to first-look footage from the film, which was, by all accounts, extremely well received by those lucky enough to get a glimpse. However, unfortunately the general public still has to wait a bit longer before the trailer is released.

The official poster for the 2016 version
The official poster for the 2016 version

The film is based on Rudyard Kipling's 1894 short story collection, and was first adapted by Disney back in 1967 with the popular animated classic. According to the Independent Jon Favreau has hinted that "new mythic elements" will be included in the new film, and the tone will also be different to the animated film, which already seems to be reflected in this new teaser. Nonetheless, fans of the original animated film shouldn't be too worried, many of the original qualities of the 1967 film will be seen in the live-action version as well.

The Jungle Book is set to be released on April 15th, 2016 and has an amazing lineup of celebrities voicing the animal characters in the film, including Bill Murray, Idris Elba and Scarlett Johansson. Newcomer Neel Sethi will play the jungle-boy himself, Mowgli. Take a look at the cast below:

Neel Sethi as Mowgli

New Yorker Neel Sethi will play the human contingent of The Jungle Book lineup. The film will be the 10-year-old's first feature length film, having only starred in the short film Diwali prior. Neel was picked to play Mowgli after a worldwide search of over 2,000 young hopefuls.

Idris Elba as the voice of Shere Khan

Bill Murray as the voice of Baloo

Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Kaa

Ben Kingsley as the voice of Bagheera

Christopher Walker as the voice of King Louie

Lupita Nyong'o as the voice of Raksha

The Jungle Book opens in theaters on April 15th, 2016.

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