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In lieu of all the '90s nostalgia that has been going on this year in particular, we can add an incredibly exciting announcement that was released at '90s Fest this past weekend (yes, '90s Fest is totally a thing, and I wish I had been there wearing my Doc Martens, a floral dress, and a choker).

Calm before the Splat. #TheSplatIsComing #90sfest

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The Splat is coming! The Splat is coming!

For those that don't know what The Splat is, it's a rumored online '90s channel.

That's right, my friends. We will be able to relive our childhoods and watch our favorite Nickelodeon shows, from Rugrats, to Hey Arnold!, and so forth. Below is a list of my top five personal favorite Nickelodeon shows I can't wait to watch again!

1. Hey Arnold!

Arnold's head may be shaped liked a football, but Helga Petaki still finds him crazy attractive. It might also be because of his awesome room in his grandparents' house.

2. Rugrats

They're cute babies and they pronounce things incorrectly. It doesn't get more adorable than that. I wish I had Tommy Pickle's courage at the age of 24.

3. The Wild Thornberrys

My brother isn't that different from Donnie, I own a pet chinchilla, and my Dad and I watch Animal Planet on the regular.

But we still aren't as cool as this family.

4. Doug

I would totally be down to listen to the band 'The Beets' and read comics about Quailman. Doug represents all of our adolescent days, filled with insecurity and growth.

5. KaBlam!

Like a more G-rated Robot Chicken, I really enjoyed watching this show as a kid. My personal favorite was 'Action League Now!,' as it usually had me laughing my little '90s ass off.

I can't wait to Splat away, and pretend I'm that 10-year-old girl again with a glass of milk and cookies watching her favorite cartoons. I simply cannot wait.

I'm going to blast some Smash Mouth to really get into that '90s vibe, just as they did during '90s Fest!

Because NOTHING is more '90s than Smash Mouth.

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