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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

It's easy for me to want to talk about Spider-man because I grew up with him and I used to want to be Spider-man because it was awesome that an every day guy like him got powers through a single spider bite

But it was a radioactive spider and it was still great. For me it wasn't about the romance, although, I did find it interesting that Mary Jane was his choice, although, it did make sense after awhile. I just loved how he was a normal teenage boy and finally he gets powers and learns that he has a responsibility to use his powers for good instead of evil. Especially since, his uncle Ben passed away with a tragic deed that haunted him forever. I can't remember the specifics but he did something wrong, and that decision haunted him.

It doesn't make sense to talk about Spider-man without addressing the movies. To me the earlier movies were just okay, telling the story of Peter Parker the teenager. And I found myself actually enjoying the third and final movie of the first Spider-man movies and I thought it was really great to see Venom in full form. But then again I was young and when I watched it again I understood why people hated it. But I guess we could all agree to disagree because we could attribute it to Venom controlling Peter's alter Spider-man and making him do the things Spider-man wouldn't do.

But obviously the newer Spider-man movies are the best. I mean I technically grew up more with the older ones but the newer ones is really what struck core to my teenager side. And yes I agree, Toby Mcguire is good as Peter, but as Spider-man, Andrew Garfield is the one to beat. Hopefully though the new guy being cast as Spider-man, he can find a balance between the two. And of course the romance between Gwen and Peter in the newer movies was always much more convincing then the one of Mary Jane and Peter in the old.

What more can I say? The newer one was obviously closer to the comics, and yet the older ones the villains were much more memorable, and much more intriguing back story then say Harry Osbourne suddenly becoming the Green Goblin, but for what the new movie is its great, and what it was is this, it was a focus on what the focus should have been and hopefully, they can improve on Sinister Six in the future. But like I said, Marvel's superheroes are always the more interesting characters, because they don't have too much grittiness, but DC is villains all the way.


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