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(Warning - the following contains major potential SPOILERS for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as a whole lot of Marvel comic books from a decade ago. Proceed with whatever level of caution all of that suggests to you...)

Now, one of the glorious things about major international film festivals like Toronto's currently running TIFF - aside from the chance they offer everyone in the vicinity to watch a whole bunch of excellent movies, obviously - is the fact that they typically lead to a whole lot of revealing red carpet interviews, on a whole lot of subjects.

What's more, with so many actors high profile actors now involved with one superhero movie or another, that basically means that we're all-but guaranteed to hear some seriously exciting superhero-themed news emerge from any given film festival - and especially one as filled with major movies as TIFF.

The latest burst of news?

Sebastian 'Bucky' Stan Has Revealed Whether or Not He Wants to Become Captain America

Now, in fairness to Stan, that's not the same sort of thing as you or I saying we'd like to be Captain America (something which, were we ever to be asked, would I assume be answered with a pretty universal "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes").

Y'see, Stan has long been assumed to be Chris Evans' heir apparent for the role of Cap, seeing as his MCU character, Bucky 'The Winter Soldier' Barnes took over as Cap in the comic books for a couple of years back in the 2000's. Many have even suspected that Chris Evans' Cap would die - or appear to do so - in Captain America: Civil War, leading the way for Bucky to take over.

When asked by We Got This Covered, however (as he was promoting The Martian), Stan's response was a little...surprising. Y'see:

It Sounds Like Stan DOESN'T Want to Play Cap

The reason? He outright said that he doesn't:

""No, I really wouldn't..."

Which, in fairness, he added to with this...

"Let me tell you, I think about that every day [Laughs]. It's so not up to me to be honest. I really enjoy my job over there, I'm really happy going to work and doing what I do, I love the character that I's up to a lot of different things, and whatever Marvel decides, I'm game."

...which definitely makes his final answer a little more 'I don't really mind either way' than an outright refusal to play the part one day.

Even so, though, it sure sounds as though Stan is in no particular hurry to take over as Cap - which in turn might just suggest we've got a little more time with Chris Evans in the role than many of us suspected.

What Do You Reckon, Though?



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