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Now, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has long since proven himself to be one of the most fan-friendly and internet savvy of industry types around - with a steady stream of fan Q&A's and genuine social media responses endearing him to pretty much everyone he comes into contact with. As a result, he's been elevated to the special level of beloved geek icon that's usually reserved for people who appeared in either Star Wars or Star Trek.

His latest social media tease, though, might just push him over the edge into Mark Hamill-sort-of territory, though, since:

James Gunn Just Revealed That the Biggest Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg Hasn't Yet Been Found...

Asked by a fan on Facebook whether there were any more Guardians Easter eggs out there to be found, Gunn responded with just about as teasing a response as was humanly possible:

"They have not all been found. No one has found the big one, really. Maybe once someone came close."

Or, in other words?

Someone Almost - Almost - Found the Biggest Guardians Easter Egg

Which means that some kind of fan theory on the Internet (or perhaps offered up to Gunn in person) was almost right, but just a little bit off.

And y'know what that means, right?

It's time to dust off those old Guardians of the Galaxy Easter egg theories, gang, and check them against the movie - because one of them just might be a whole lot more for real that you think...

How About It, Then?



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