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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Kristen Stewart is often accused of having "resting bitch face" - ie. when you're not thinking anything in particular and you look annoyed or *judging.* Still, it's not every day you get asked about this by legendary comedy director Woody Allen, even if you are Kristen Stewart.

Speaking with MTV, Kristen reeled off the following anecdote:

I play someone who’s very buoyant [in Allen's movie]. I think I can be light sometimes, but I can’t hide anything. So if I’m thinking about something I look really puzzled. But Woody comes up to me and he was like, ’is your face always in this sort of…state of repose?'

I know that he has not like read the fact that people think that. It totally came from a genuine uninfluenced place. It was like, ’is your resting face…’ he actually used the word resting. I was like, within what context? Right now I think I’m kind of thoughtful, put Jesse in front of me and I’ll start laughing.

Kristen filming Woody Allen's new movie in 2015
Kristen filming Woody Allen's new movie in 2015

Kristen certainly looks cheery and fresh-faced for her new movie, an untitled vintage comedy directed by Woody Allen and co-starring long-time collaborator Jesse Eisenberg.

The bottom line is that Kristen takes it all in good humor. What she really thinks of 'bitchy resting face' is...

It doesn’t bother me. I think honestly it’s all bullsh-t.

Source: MTV


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