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This weekend, actress Ellen Page attended the premiere of her movie Freeheld at the Toronto Film Festival, alongside costars Julianne Moore, Michael Shannon, and Jeannine Kaspar.

For their red carpet debut, Page's girlfriend, artist and surfer, Samantha Thomas, stood proudly by the side of the 28-year-old Academy Award nominee.

Just Jared
Just Jared

The two looked like the happiest couple in Hollywood, which was confirmed by Page while talking to E! She was far from shy in proclaiming her affection and adoration of Thomas stating:

I'm in love...walking down the carpet holding my girlfriend's hand is pretty special.

Joining the adorable couple on this special evening was their good friend Ruby Rose who couldn't help but gush about her friend's success on social media:

She also posted the following Instagram of a picture of the three of them looking cute as can be, and making me want to join their friend group more than just about anything:

Congratulations to Ellen Page for all of her happiness!

Freeheld will reach theaters starting October 2.

(Source: E!, Just Jared)


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