ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Katie Holmes recently donned a wig and a hat, disguising herself from passerby and paparazzi in Los Angeles to meet with her boyfriend of two years, Jamie Foxx.

While work may cause the couple to be constantly separated, often on opposite ends of the nation, they fly back and forth to spend time with each other and support each other's work. For example, Holmes flew from New York, where she is filming All We Had, to Vegas, where Foxx was involved in a gig as SLS in Las Vegas.

Holmes is madly in love with Foxx, first using the "love" word back in May after holding hands in public just March of this year.

Foxx refers to Holmes as "his girl," which is incredibly adorable!

It looks like this couple is enjoying themselves and having quite some fun. Dressing up in disguise probably adds to all the entertainment, so who wouldn't want to be greeted by their camouflaged significant other every so often?

[Source: Us Weekly]


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