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Calm down, the bell of shame hasn't driven Lena Hadley running from the set naked and screaming. I know after all the Jon Snow drama your little hearts couldn't take another major blow this week. However, Cersei Lannister is getting a new face. Kind of.

Australian actress Essie Davis, the star of The Babadook, The Slap and both Matrix sequels is helping Game of Thrones to create a kind of matrix of its own. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Davis will be joining the GoT clan in Season 6 to play the character of Cersei in a traveling play entitled 'The Bloody Hand.'

Her casting was revealed after fans posted images of the actress on set:

Essie Davis will join Richard E. Grant, Freddie Stroma, Pilou Asbæk, Max von Sydow and Ian McShane, as one of the six new faces confirmed to be joining Game of Thrones for Season 6, which airs next Spring.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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