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Fans of The CW's The Flash are gearing up for the premiere of Season 2 of the show, set to air in just a few weeks. Recently, Entertainment Weekly met up with the show's Executive Producer, Andrew Kreisberg, to run through some speed questions on what we can expect to see in the next season.

This lightning round gives a pretty small scoop, but a scoop for us to speculate on nonetheless! Here's what Kreisberg had to say about each of the characters:

Barry Allen

"New love."

Iris West

“Face from the past.”

Caitlin Snow


Cisco Ramon


Dr. Wells


Joe West


Ronnie Raymond


Henry Hewitt


Jay Garrick


Patty Spivot


Did these short answers unveil any potential details to you Flash fans out there? If so, let me know in the comments section!

The second season of The Flash is set to premiere on October 6 on The CW.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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