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Coming in 2016, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) will assemble an unexpected group of heroes and villains from the TV DC universe and force them to work together as a team. As a spin-off of The Flash and Arrow, the CW show is highly anticipated and leaving fans to wonder just what we can expect from the unconventional premise.

For those who simply can't wait for the unannounced air date, Executive Producer Phil Klemmer (who wrote for such shows as Veronica Mars and Chuck) sat down with to offer a little extra background.

Here's what he had to say about fending off Nazis and forming a team of misfits.

Time travel will open up a whole new world of fun (and evil)

Since Klemmer's background is in the Classics, he jumped at the chance to incorporate yesterday's legends into the show's stories. Most interesting is how the actions of the past (like obliterating Nazi scum) can change the present for the characters:

And doing this show, which has that intersection of Vandal Savage...that is my sweet spot, where it's history mixed up with the mystical, mixed up with...time? The fact that we have time travel on this show is like beautiful for me, because you can go back to the '30s and have Nazi bad guys and you can have ancient artifacts with mystical powers and to me, this show is like a dream come true.

History and mysticism with a heavy dose of ass-kicking? Count me in.

The beauty of Legends is just how unexpected this team is

With the Atom, Firestorm, White Canary, Rip Hunter, Hawkgirl, and Hawkman teaming up with former villains Captain Cold and Heat Wave, we can expect a lot of head-butting.

So this really is about, it's like the Dirty Dozen. It is a show about a motley, ragtag bunch of eff-ups who are responsible with saving the future of the world. For me, the fun is, when they go back in time and they're trying to do something to stop Vandal, they'll accidentally or purposefully screw up the future in such a way that it's like we become our own enemy, you know.

Not sure if I'm more excited for the Hitler beating or the character dynamics, but I do know that I want this show to arrive much sooner than next year. Check out the full interview here for even more insight into the upcoming series!



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