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It was confirmed a while back that we'd get to see Rosario Dawson reprising her role as Claire Temple not just for the highly anticipated Daredevil Season 2, but also in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. With her character set to span several shows and clearly play a role in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, we take a look at the backstory of her character, or should I say, characters.

Claire Temple in the MCU is in fact an amalgamation of two separate characters from the comic books: Claire Temple, from whom she takes her name, and Night Nurse, from whom she takes the majority of her character traits and alignment.

Claire Temple

In the comics Claire Temple is a nurse (later a doctor), a romantic interest of Luke Cage and the ex-wife of Bill Foster (Goliath).

Like in the MCU, Claire comes across an injured superhero whom she nurses back to health and becomes involved with, however unlike her MCU counterpart it's Luke Cage, not Daredevil, that she rescues. She's not a particularly prevalent character in the comics, one of her most notable appearances was when she and Luke rescued Bill Foster/Goliath from the Circus of Crime, an organisation of super-villains who utilised hypnotism to carry out their schemes.

Claire eventually left Luke as she couldn't deal with the constant threat to his life and the strain on their relationship, but she remained in New York where she later became a doctor.

Night Nurse

There's been three different iterations of Night Nurse in the comics, initially introduced as a collective term for three roommates who worked at a New York city hospital (Linda Carter, Georgia Jenkins, and Christine Palmer). Of these three Linda Carter is the most prevalent, appearing in her own comics book after the Night Nurse series ended.

Linda Carter was a nurse working at the fictional Metro General in New York who also dabbled in detective work - in the Night Nurse series she managed to expose an incompetent surgeon and protect one of her patients from a hitman. In her solo series, after being saved by a superhero she began working pro bono to help out injured superheroes and protect their identities. Daredevil was her first patient, which ties up with her MCU version, and she later treated Luke Cage and Iron Fist (both of whom we'll see in their own Netflix shows over the coming years).

She's got a strong history with existing and upcoming characters in the MCU; she made an appearance in Civil War and teamed up with Doctor Strange at one point to recover a stolen cure for cancer. (They had a brief relationship, but it didn't last.) She's also been involved with treating Elektra - who will be introduced in Daredevil Season 2 played by Elodie Yung - with whom she develops somewhat of a rapport.

The MCU Claire Temple/Night Nurse

At the conclusion of Daredevil Season 1 Claire Temple has left New York for an undisclosed period of time. Like with Luke Cage in the comics, she tells Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) that they can't have a relationship whilst he's putting himself in danger and they separate. However she does promise that she's always going to be there to patch up his wounds, even if she can't fully agree with everything he does.

Claire quickly became a fan favourite on Daredevil not just because of her nurse status (which comes in useful when Matt's getting his ass kicked), but also as she proved herself to be a strong and resourceful character. Her misgivings about Matt's methods help to keep him from slipping into the deep end completely, though she does give herself over to some of his darker tendencies at time. She even helps him with the interrogation of a criminal, telling him where to stab him to cause the most pain without killing him.

Jessica Jones is due to premiere all episodes on Netflix on the 20th November 2015, and with Claire's presence on the gritty new show confirmed it looks like we'll see her fully achieving genesis as the Night Nurse alongside Jones and Luke Cage by the time Daredevil Season 2 rolls around. It's doubtful if we'll get to see the romantic link between Claire and Luke played out though, as Luke and Jessica end up marrying in the canon.

Cage & Jones at their wedding
Cage & Jones at their wedding

Regardless it seems that Claire Temple will be a connective element between the different Netflix shows in the run up to The Defenders, just as Night Nurse was in the comic books, and I look forward to seeing more of Dawson's portrayal of her in the coming years. And now, the countdown to Jessica Jones awaits...


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