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If you saw The Matrix movies, you probably are pretty much on board with the fact that Neo is "The One.'"I mean, his name is Neo... if you flip the letters around a little bit you've got O-N-E. A lot of people were able to deduce that. So what if I were to show you a theory that disagrees with that commonly agreed-upon part of the plot?

Youtube channel, The Film Theorists did just that. Take a look for yourself and see what you think!

These guys specialize in fan theories so this isn't their first rodeo

"The One" is not Neo...?

Then who could it be? Well, if you believe in this theory... it's Agent Smith!

Thomas Anderson... a.k.a. "Mr. Anderson" isn't the one. It starts getting confusing around this point

These are the three things that need to be true for Neo to be The One

Dude wasn't born in The Matrix, though...

Neo was born in "one of those gross harvest pods"

Wait, so Neo wasn't around from the time of the first Matrix... but Agent Smith was!

Agent Smith calls The Oracle "Mom" in the third movie... wait a second, this is getting my attention now

Neo doesn't actually change the Matrix... Smith does

Agent Smith clearly altered the Matrix as you can see in the final film when the world is completely different

Agent Smith is the anomaly in the system. He's working against his programming. He, not Neo, is the one? Hmm...

Neo is the one making the deal, but Smith's ridiculous power grab makes the machines want to end the war

Agent Smith is The One, but unwittingly. So why do all of the characters refer to Neo as The One?

The Oracle knew Agent Smith was The One, but purposely misled people so that he could handle his duties of saving mankind

This also makes the "Mom" comment even stronger.

"Creating an elaborate lie was the only way to truly change the system."

It's just a theory, but I think it has some legs. I can't lie. And while it's a little complicated, I think it's good. What do YOU think?



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