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A movie's screenwriter plays a huge part in the success of the film. Obviously, the words and actions need to be down on paper before they can be executed on the big screen. However, sometimes it's up to an actor to improvise a little bit for the sake of making the character their own.

These 9 moments are iconic. This is proof that classic movie moments don't necessarily get planned out. Sometimes they are improvised, off the cuff. You could certainly argue that that's what made them special.

So without further ado, check out this compilation of classic movie moments that were improvised! Nowhere to be found in the script.

1. Jack Nicholson made up "Here's Johnny" on the spot in 'The Shining'

I mean, just look at his face here. You can tell that something completely natural is happening. Almost too natural, though? Dude looks insane!

2. Richard Gere actually shocked Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' when he snapped the jewelry box shut on her finger

Once again, you can feel the genuineness of Roberts' reaction. Like with Jack in The Shining, this is a real human moment. It transcends film. Gere did this without telling Roberts he would and the moment was made.

3. "You're gonna need a bigger boat"

This classic scene from Jaws was unscripted and probably goes down as one of the most well-known lines from any movie, ever. It's the kind of line that makes a film memorable and legendary. To think that Roy Scheider came up with it on his own makes it even more awesome, in my opinion.

4. "Here's looking at you, kid."

Casablanca went down in history as one of the all time greatest films, ever. And this was probably its most iconic line. Unscripted. Yup.

5. Indiana Jones deals with crazy-sword-guy by doing what you have to do when you have no other option... just shoot him

Rumor has it Harrison Ford had a severe case of food poisoning on this day, so he couldn't do the intricate fight scene they originally had planned. This comical/badass/quick scene ended up making the final cut.

6. "I'm walkin' here" was a real incident

This scene from Midnight Cowboy with Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman was actually real. The cab driver was real and Hoffman's reaction was too! New York City is a crazy place...

7. Sometimes, you just need a cannoli

This line from Godfather, one of the most classic movies of all time, is one of its best lines. The fact that there's a brutal dead body in front of him and he just wants a cannoli... so epic.

8. Robert De Niro might have had the most iconic improv ever in Taxi Driver

The script basically just said to talk to the mirror. Little did they know that they had heat on their hands. This line is incredible and will go down in history.

9. "Warriors! Come out to playyyyy!"

His instructions were to clink wine bottles together and "rally" his gang. He went with this line and it was perfection.

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