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I just finished my last work, an illustration of an impossible movie I would have loved to see in theaters. The Daria movie. I love this 90s MTV show, and like many other fans, I couldn't wait for the official Daria Movie...

Unfortunately, it never happened, and it definitely won't, nowadays, Daria is not as famous as she was 20 years ago.

So I decided to make my own movie poster, the title would be "Sick Sad World" (and not Daria : the Movie, that's lame) and I made my own cast for the characters. A typical cast from the 90's...

Will you guess who is who ?

Answers below :

Daria - Ellen Page

Jane - Clea Duvall

Quinn - Scarlett Johansson

Trent - Joseph G Levitt

Kevin - James Van D Beek

Brittany - Reese WItherspoon

Mr DeMartino - Christopher Walken

Mike - Usher

Jodie - Laurin Hill

Helen - Annette Bening

Jake - Will Ferrell

Mr O'Neil - Neil Patrick Harris

Ms Li - Lucy Liu

Charles - Chris Owen

Andrea - Fairuza Balk

So do you like this "Sick Sad World" casting, what would be yours ?

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