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The rumor mill is rife with debate and speculation as we once again draw ever closer to another Mortal Kombat X DLC character reveal.

The beauty of being a Mortal Kombat fan is that it is headed up by Ed Boon. And Boon is not one to shy away from pleasing us fans. But as all Mortal Kombat players will testify to, he will most certainly tease the fans extensively before making any kind of announcement - and we love it.

I swear, Boon and NetherRealm should hold webinars on how to hype a product before release. The splash that has surrounded each and every Mortal Kombat game is testament to not only a great game but an even better team.

Realistically, it was somewhat inevitable that we were going to see another character based DLC. If the resounding success of the first 'Kombat Pack' wasn't enough, then the sheer love for the game from the Mortal Kombat team would have done the trick.

The First Image

If we were to go off of this image alone, there are some real telltale signs that could identify the potentials. Speculation from across the world of gaming has been fierce, but the most likely character choices include, from left to right:

Baraka, Noob Saibot or Rain

Joker, Sindel or Elvira

As this is a Warner Bros game - the next in line is likely to be a DC character, and who else in the DC universe has hair that big other than the Joker? But it could also be Sindel or Elvira of course.

Cyrax, Smoke or Sektor

The third could potentially be Cyrax, Smoke or Sektor, which for your information, could be cyborg type characters.

Bo' Rai Cho

The fourth and final character (for now) could be Bo' Rai Cho.

I am not convinced. Are you? From what we have seen on the MK Twitter pages and the many subtle hints that Boon has posted onto his account, I think we will be looking at some of the guys below. Plus, there are no real fan-favorites in the above list. Okay, there are some fan-favorites but the real bad boys are listed below!

The Rumors

Kombat Pack 1 introduced a medley of real badasses into the arena. Jason Voorhees, Predator, Tremor and Tanya. These brutal individuals have run rampant throughout the Mortal Kombat character roster. When it comes to a Predator for example, resistance is pretty much futile, right?

Could we see the introduction of a character that might see an end to the Predator's reign of dominance? As Arnie is currently pushing pencils in California, the next best thing for the job is surely the Alien!

Amidst other rumors going around, it has been revealed that characters like Sektor, Cyrax, Noob Saibot, the Joker, Terminator, Scarecrow, Elvira, Indian Jones and Neo are being considered as potential DLC characters.

Other names like Rorschach, Ash William, Marcus Fenix and Spawn are also being considered.

New Arenas

Aside from the introduction of four new fighters, according to Boon, the new Kombat Pack will also feature some classic old-school locations. Did someone say 'The Pit?'

This DLC is due for release in January of 2016. Plenty of time to fine tune your moves before the ultimate in opposition explodes into the arena.

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