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Yes, I really just said that. Grant Ward is going to become the Wrecker. Now before you start shouting "heresy", I have proof. First of all, let's compare the personalities of these two characters. Both are known for their sadistic and antisocial tendencies, and neither are known for having much moral direction to them. But just because they act alike doesn't necessarily prove that one is going to become the other. But I have more solid evidence to back this claim than just their personalities.

Both have connections to Asgard

We know that the Wrecker and his Wrecking Crew had their weapons of choice rendered indestructible via an enchantment cast by Amora the Enchantress. Now while it is true that Grant Ward has yet to meet the Enchantress, he has met, (and for a while been controlled by), her sister, Lorelei.

Yeah, that girl.
Yeah, that girl.

Lorelei had a brief takeover of our buddy Ward before Lady Sif came along and beat the snot out of her, returning her to the safety of an Asgardian dungeon. Suppose then, that when Lorelei returned home, she was thrown into the same cell as her sister Amora. She could then tell Amora about the handsome man she encountered on Midgard and that he seemed all too willing to help her. Following this, should Amora journey to Earth, she would have virtually no difficulty tracking down Ward. But how does that fit in with him becoming the Wrecker? Well, remember who cast a spell of indestructibility over the Wrecking Crew's weapons? Yup, the Enchantress herself. That being said, she could give Ward an indestructible crowbar and his band of misfits the indestructible weapons used by the Wrecking Crew.

Ward forms a band of misfits in SHIELD Season 3

Grant Ward is sick of playing games in the name of Hydra, and as such, forms a small band of loyal followers to deal out his brand of justice. And did you notice how many guys were in the small group he collected? Exactly three. And excluding the Wrecker, how many members does the Wrecking Crew have? You guessed it: three. And it's not even just that. It's the ethnicities of the guys Ward's selected. There are two white guys and a black guy. Obviously, if this theory is correct and this is the beginning of the Wrecking Crew, Ward will be the Wrecker, the black guy will become Thunderball, the tattooed guy will likely become Bulldozer, (as his metal helmet would cover his face and therefore his tattoos as well, something for which Bulldozer is not known for having), and by process of elimination, our remaining Caucasian with the blond hair will end up becoming Piledriver.

The face of the Wrecker?
The face of the Wrecker?

What do you guys think? Is Ward going to form the Wrecking Crew?


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