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Jake Gyllenhaal and Charlize Theron have been friends for years, but after witnesses saw the photogenic pair having a particularly cozy dinner together, certain gossip rags are suggesting that these two are more than just buddies...

According to In Touch magazine, Charlize and Jake were spotted tucking into some sushi together at Starfish restaurant in Los Angeles , but they seemed to be more focused on each other than the top notch grub. A beady-eyed celeb spotter told the gossip mag that:

Jake was touching her hand and smiling, making her laugh. Their chemistry was obvious
Theron broke her engagement to Sean Penn in May
Theron broke her engagement to Sean Penn in May

Gyllenhaals' rep has denied the budding romance, but a so-called-friend of the pair came forward to say:

There’s always been attraction, but the timing was never right. Their romance is fresh, but they are having a blast so far

Now, who to believe?

(Source: The Mirror via in Touch)


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