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This is an alternate universe. One of the zillions.
Alternate Universes are so common in DC and Marvel, Spidey got to meet his Japanese counterpart; and his robot. What? Ahmmm. Yeah, DC now.

According to the theory of parallel universes, each time there is a decision to be made, from lifting your glass to killing an ant, an alternate universe is created for each of these possible paths. So, in theory, there is a infinite number of universes in which everything is possible. Everything.
Somewhere there is a universe where Dinosaurs have humans as pets. No kidding. And Batman is a made of wood and hits white balls with red stitches.

Back to our animation.

As I have already mentioned, this is an alternate universe. Superman was raised by a Mexican family and he is more of a grey Jedi than a proprietor of Justice. He can kill if it serves his purposes. His good purposes. He is still the Superman we know. And he has a super cool mustache.

Wonder Woman is wearing the most awesome white costume ever and her black sword is badass. Her origin story makes more sense than that of our Wonder Woman. No, really. It is like Twilight with a twist. Not that Twilight is a good love story. Damn.

Batman is, well, a vampire. A scientist named Kirk is turned into a hemophiliac creature after messing up his research about vampire bats. And he is not Bruce Wayne. He is not cooler than Batman Prime. But I guess every iteration of Batman is cool. He is the bat. He is cool by default

All in all, a great story. If you like DC characters you should see it.


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