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Star of the Guardians is a best-selling science fiction book series by Margaret Weis. It consists of seven novels published between 1990 and 1998. Initially written as a trilogy centering on the character Dion Starfire, the series expanded when Weis further developed characters introduced as Mag Force 7 in the initial trilogy. Mag Force 7 eventually became the name of the company Weis founded with Don Perrin that produced card games based on Weis's characters.

Mag Force 7 cards available on
Mag Force 7 cards available on

Deidre Kitcher is Western Australian film producer, and co-founder of Filmscope Entertainment. Kitcher has been largely successful with films produced in Australia. With rebate opportunities provided by the Australian government, and additional funds from Chinese investors, Kitcher has developed a winning formula for funding films, and she is applying her skills to Star of the Guardians.

Crush, Filmscope Entertainment (2009).
Crush, Filmscope Entertainment (2009).

Once established as a heavy hitter in the industry with her contributions to films Crush, Needle, and most recently, The Reckoning, Kitcher was offered the film maker's dream of working on a project of her choosing.

A huge fan of Weis, Kitcher jumped at the opportunity to develop a series of six films based on Star of the Guardians. Kitcher has already produced enough material for the film series to promote it through crowd funding on If she is able to raise the initial money for production, she will be again backed by Chinese investors and the Australian government for the majority of funding.

Needle, Filmscope Entertainment (2010).
Needle, Filmscope Entertainment (2010).

Margaret Weis and Deidre Kitcher both attended Dragon Con 2015, hosting an announcement party there to kick off their indiegogo campaign. Many of Margaret Weis's fans were in attendance, and spoke very highly of her ability to write genuine characters with whom they could relate.

When I had the opportunity to interview Weis, I asked about her character development process. She told me she listened very carefully to her characters while the writing them, allowing them to essentially self-create. She warned that to be successful, though, she's had to maintain control, like a parent would a child. Fictional characters running wild do not generally end up creating a successful storyline.

Margaret Weis would certainly know a thing or two about creating successful storylines. She's authored dozens of novels and short stories, and is also one of the original creators in the Dragonlance game world.

With a script for the first of the films in the proposed series, Deidre Kitcher is well on her way to a successful funding campaign. There is no mistaking her great enthusiasm for the project. As a panelist on film making, Kitcher continued to express her excitement about the Star of the Guardians, describing how she's been successful in the past, and is determined to be successful in the present with this film series.

Check out the indiegogo campaign for Star of the Guardians here, where you can also contribute to making this dream a reality!


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