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When Eobard Thawne saw Jay Garrick's helmet enter through the wormhole, he had the sudden urge to get out of there. Fans were safe to assume that Thawne was afraid of confronting Garrick because he may have heard, or possibly even met the first speedster, but what if was trying to run from something else?

For those uninitiated with the vast DC Universe, Jay Garrick was the first person to don The Flash name. And like any other hero, Garrick had his own nemesis, the first Reverse-Flash known as The Rival.

via Comic Alliance
via Comic Alliance

The Rival managed to give himself Flash-like powers through a formula that he created, but it proved to be temporary. The Rival wore a similar outfit like that of The Flash, except his outfit was a darker shade.

Could The Flash's Jay Garrick be The Rival?

The singularity that appeared during the final moments of The Flash's season finale acted as a gateway to different universes. Whose to say that there isn't a universe out there where Jay Garrick is dead, and The Rival is running around with his nemesis' name? Should this be the case, why would The Rival be interested in the Flarrowverse? It may have to do with how Barry acquired his speed.

Barry got his powers thanks in part to the particle accelerator. Since The Rival's powers are temporary, it's possible that The Rival is in search for a more permanent solution to keep his speed around. What better way to do this then to ally yourself with individuals who essentially know nothing about you?

What about Zoom?

We know that Zoom will be the main villain of the season, and it seems that Garrick wants to stop Zoom at all costs. Of course, should Garrick actually be The Rival, then there is really no plan to stop Zoom, but why would Zoom and The Rival be working together?

In the comics, Zoom has this obsession of making The Flash a better hero. If The Rival gets permanent powers, then he could be used as pawn by Zoom to make Barry faster, and thus, making him a better hero.

Season 2 of The Flash's will premiere October 6, 2015 at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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