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The world of gaming has been in mourning since July, when beloved Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passed away at the hands of cancer, after 13 years of leading the company in his position, and countless more as he worked his way to the top. Since then, cautious whispers about who might fill his shoes have nominated a few major players within the company, and now, those shoes have been filled.

Appointed as Chief Financial Officer of the Pokemon Company in 2000, Tatsumi Kimishima worked his way up through the company with massive success, scoring the title of Pokemon Company President just one year later. After a shuffle in executive positions in 2002, Kimishima was appointed President of Nintendo of America, and played a key role in the development and unveiling of the Nintendo Wii. His most recent promotion before this came in 2013, when Kimishima was named Managing Director of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

With over 15 years of innovation and creative marketing, Kimishima will likely bring firm direction to Nintendo -- something still needed as it quietly keeps its iconic brand successfully moving alongside the commotion of Microsoft and Sony.


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