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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The late 00's was a time of watching a whole bunch of horror movies. Well, sure, most of my years have involved a huge amount of horror movies, but I particularly devoured them as a teenager...

Check out these weird facts you probably knew about the movies you loved!

Dead Silence (2007)

In the dramatic scene in the storage room of 101 dolls, you may have noticed a familiar face... it's Billy, the doll from Saw. This makes sense as Dead Silence was made by Wan & Whannell, the duo behind Saw, who wanted to leave a little reference to their biggest success in the movie.

Despite the great popularity of Dead Silence in the horror community and on DVD, it didn't pull huge numbers at the box office and sequel plans were scrapped. This didn't stop Universal Florida from honoring the film with a haunted house for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

Original titles considered: Shhhh..., Silence, The Doll, Mary Shaw



The Strangers (2008)

Liv Tyler was genuinely flustered on set for The Strangers. She ran laps and did jumping jacks before each scene to appear out of breath and on edge. This was exacerbated by the director, who would tell her to expect a loud noise from a certain direction - then unexpectedly make it somewhere else.

People cannot agree about the basis of The Strangers: some comment on the similarities between the movie and the French horror Ils ('Them') but the most interesting root comes from real life. Director Byran Bertino recalls an incident from his childhood:

One evening, a stranger came to his door, asked for someone who wasn't there, and left. Later, Bertino found out that other homes in his neighborhood had been broken into that night.

This is what Dollface (Gemma Ward) and Pin Up Girl (Laura Margolis) look like.

Check out what Sack Head looks like in real life here.

The song you hear looped in the movie is 'Mama Tried,' the 1968 single from Merle Haggard and the Strangers.

During opening week, several faulty copies of the movie were sent to theaters. However, patches of static and bad sound were largely ignored by the audience, who were unsettled enough by the movie that they accepted these strange occurrences as in-keeping with the film's tone.

Original title considered: The Faces



The Collector (2009)

The Collector - originally intended as a prequel to Saw - was inspired by the real life tale of Anatoly Moskvin, the Russian professor with a grisly collection... he dug up 30 corpses of women and girls and turned them into bizarre dolls with no faces. Read his full story here.

The movie was ready in 2007 but Dimension Films didn't have the cash to actually release it, thus pushing its theatrical run back to 2009.

One interesting inaccuracy in the movie regards bugs, a recurring theme. The lamps full of crickets would not be possible as crickets do not fly and are super crappy climbers. The roaches that burrow through flesh in the movie are Madagascan hissing roaches - totally harmless plant eaters incapable of chomping into human bodies.



Paranormal Activity (2007)

To say Paranormal Activity was a shock low-budget success would be an understatement. Filmed in 10 days in director Oren Peli's own home on a bog-standard digital camera, the movie used no script and a Ouija board from Costco. It's the second most profitable movie ever after The Blair Witch Project in terms of return on investment.

Initial test screenings resulted in a huge proportion of the audience walking out of the theater. Peli thought that this meant his movie was a flop until he realized that people were leaving because they were genuinely too frightened to stay.

Steven Spielberg loved the movie, even rewriting the ending for Peli. This is all despite the fact that he was so scared watching it that he had to turn it off and finish viewing in daylight!



The Human Centipede (2009)

The Human Centipede grew from a joke Tom Six made to his buddy about a suitable punishment for a child molester: 'stitching his mouth to the ass of a very fat truck driver'.

The poster's assertion that the movie is '100% medically accurate' is up for debate. Read a doctor's opinion here.

Tom Six kept quiet to ensure financial backing. He told potential investors that characters would be sewn together in the film... but not exactly how. The grossness of the concept saw many actresses march out of auditions for the movie.

Toronto Underground Cinema had a stroke of marketing genius, offering a 'centipede deal' where tickets were buy 2, get one free (get it?)

Movie critic Roger Ebert was appalled by The Human Centipede, refusing to assign it a rating, saying:

[The film] is what it is and occupies a world where the stars don't shine.



My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

There are a couple of cool little nods to earlier slashers hidden in the movie. There are two non-speaking characters called Jason and Michael - after the silent killers, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers - and there's another hidden in a flyer. It states that Valentine's Day is Saturday, February 14th. Which means the day before was - yup - Friday the 13th.

MBV3D - the first 3D movie to get an R-Rating - has a bit of a blooper: the trees are bursting into full green Summer leaves even though the movie is very firmly set in February.



Orphan (2009)

Esther was meant to be a fair, delicate blonde, but the casting agents were so impressed with Isabelle Fuhrman's audition that they hired her on the spot. The reason that her face is very subtly creepy in the poster is that it's perfectly symmetrical: half of her face has been mirrored and copied. See it below.

The sign the mom uses to convey 'Esther' to her deaf daughter is the sign for 'emergency'. Isabelle Fuhrman was way less scary off camera; she took up knitting after seeing how much co-star Vera Farmiga enjoyed it.

Check out how the young cast of Orphan look now, 6 years later.

Original titles considered: Infant Terror



The Loved Ones (2009)

The Loved Ones, filmed in only one month at Box Hill Senior Secondary College in Melbourne, Australia - gained rave reviews for the performance of young Robin McLeavy as psychotic kidnapper Lola. Critic Chase Whale called her 'one of the greatest villains in horror history'; perhaps this is because of her investment in the role. McLeavy religiously researched Misery, Natural Born Killers and real life accounts of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for the part.



Source: Imdb, Youtube


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