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Brian A. Madrid (Mr. Fluffy)

Can you believe Frank eats like a dog? No, correction, Frank ate the dog! In episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, things get real as the Clark & Manawa family watch their beloved city run a monk like a Black Friday midnight sale at Walmart. The city of Los Angeles is falling and falling fast with widespread power outages and hospital patients walking through parking lots impervious to police fire. But, before I begin, let's take a moment of silence to those who will not appearing in next week’s episode, yours truly the German shepherd dog…..

OK. For now, the Clarks are waiting patiently for Cliff to come back with Chris. So what does any normal family do to pass the time during a zombie apocalypse, why play the game Monopoly of course. It wasn’t even the Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings version. After the game, by the way, Nick is a beast playing it like his drug habit, are alarmed to hear sounds coming from patio door. No it’s not Cliff but our self-sacrificing hero and man’s best friend, the dog wanting in. Nick, stable for now, suggests to break in next door to Susan’s home and take the shotgun to protect themselves. Though I find it difficult to believe that an oriental couple owns a double barrel shotgun, your guess is a good as any. All three, from the backyard weave through what looks like James Dashner’s maze, garden size, to neighbor’s home.

Now comes the action, Cliff, like a classic scene of a pick-up truck full of Hispanics, arrives home to find Frank, now neighbor zombie, alone with our hero dog, having a dogie snack at family den. Using his good neighbor policy, offers Frank help but just gets up with pet hair and a lot of blood. As a struggle ensues, Frank’s chompers are just inches away from Cliff, Madison and posse arrive locked and loaded. You would think that a school board faculty member would know how to shoot, no! The barber, Daniel S., played by Jazz musician Ruben Blades, finishes the job with two “caps” in Frank’s bloody, dander sticking head. It pops like an egg in microwave. Now with the U.S military arrive to secure the neighborhood and retake the city from ruins, but can they? Cliff and Madison cancel their trip to freedom and remain with Daniel and family.

The show is starting to shake things up now, but I’m hoping it does not end there. If I know my zombie apocalypse prep class 101, the military force will turn into a huge slap in the face to residents as the military declares Martial Law along as the new pastime will be rape and plunder.

Catch the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead on AMC starting 9 PM. Eastern standard time.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for MoviePilot, I am Brian A. Madrid.


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