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What's new is overrated. Whats NEXT is the real deal.
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He is a typical mainstay actor while she's a fresh graduate student who got bored and did herself a favor by recording through a famous App called 'dubsmash' (I like her, It isn't obvious right?). In an unanticipated twist of faith, they become the most wanted tandem of the year, and I should say you deserve to know why so, read on...

Oh snap... I ran out of words to say and I still have to keep track on an episode. But don't worry, I'll leave some URL for you to get to know what i mean about the Phenomenon.

here you go...

So what is ?.... Find out HERE.

How is breaking the HERE.

Cinderella Moment.

and the 5 Million worth of Tweets. #ALDUBBATTLEForACause

Just an hour ago the 8M worth of tweet happen. #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate

Personally, i really thought that i would never believe in love again...
Until AlDub came! I know you and among the other million people are wondering what's with AlDub? Why are they so famous? etc. well, i can only say this....

So here's the the thing... "ALDUB is so strongly rooted in our senses because it is a reflection and reminder of what we are and what we have forgotten as our basic nature. The characters are people we love who have long escaped from our lives because of the lost liberty we so loosely accepted and embraced. Lola Nidora is how we lovingly remember our mothers, strict with values but loving hindi barkada, Tidora and Tinidora are the usual extensions of our family , TVJ represent the respected seniors in the community who will be there to watch and provide approval and directions, and then there s Alden:who is the epitome of a gentleman, he courts his love, never opts to disrespect, faces all challenges without whining nor complaining -the anti-thesis of how men hunt for romance nowadays. and Yaya/Maine, represents innocence and purity. nothing loud , no flesh exposed to solicit cheap attraction no twerking butt...A girl every man with a serious pursuit of love will take pride to capture.The characters in the AlDub phenomenon are people we used to live with ...and love .... characters who define how we used to be as Filipinos with sound values....the AlDub phenomenon is not just a noontime craze, it is a loud cry in search of what we are"

So now you'll understand my laziness in writing.
Ooops gotta finish the episode. First date nila ngayon!

(Credits to Rappler)


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