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There seems to be something about cult films that make them immortal. Even though Big Trouble in Little China first came out almost thirty years ago, it still has held up as an amazing and hilarious movie. Surely, with movies as well-loved as this one, there have to be some interesting behind-the-scenes facts that we don't know yet.

10.) Pure Perspiration

Naturally, with all of the running around and fighting that Jack Burton does in the film, he is bound to get pretty sweaty right? Well he does, but not because of the physical acting. Kurt Russell was actually very ill with the flu during filming, so the sweat was caused by a fever.

9.) Horse Thief

Before the film was set in modern day (at least modern day for 1986), John Carpenter was set on making the film a western. The original plan was for Jack Burton's horse to be stolen, but they changed it to his truck after they modernized the concept.

8.) Contested Casting

Director John Carpenter wanted Kurt Russell to play the lead role of Jack Burton from the beginning, but the studios disagreed. They wanted him to cast either Clint Eastwood or Jack Nicholson in the role, but they were both unable to take the role. The studio then allowed for Russell to be cast.

7.) Familiar Fighter

The three storm warriors in the film, Thunder, Lightning, and Rain, were collectively the inspiration for the character Raiden from the Mortal Kombat series. You can see the similarities in the large, circular hats and the weaponized lightning.

6.) Martial Arts Master

The character of Wang Chi was originally intended to be played by Jackie Chan. John Carpenter was a big fan of Chan's work in Police Story, but Chan turned down the role because he wanted to focus on working more in Hong Kong. The role was then given to Dennis Dun.

5.) Glorious Green

A major plot point in the film was the eye color of both Gracie Law and Miao Yin. They were both targeted by the antagonist Lo Pan because of their peculiar green eyes. However, neither of the actresses behind the characters have naturally green eyes. Having naturally brown eyes, the actresses had to wear contact lenses for the film.

4.) Promotion Problems

Even though the film is currently considered a success, it actually failed at the box office. The failure was blamed on 20th Century Fox's lack of promotion for the film, but John Carpenter and Kurt Russell both stated that they didn't promote the film much because they didn't know how. The film then became a hit when it was released on home video.

3.) The Rock's Remake

Following in theme with many classic '80s movies such as Ghostbusters, Big Trouble in Little China is currently looking to be rebooted next year, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson playing the lead role.

2.) Thunder Trainer

Sure, we may have had some good laughs with Carter Wong's portrayal as the bulky brute Thunder, but the actor certainly knows his stuff when it comes to martial arts. John Carpenter said in the DVD commentary that Wong helped out the Hong Kong police as a martial arts instructor.

1.) Transferred Tours

Remember the big yellow touring car that Egg Shen drove around? Well you can get a ride in that very car! It is currently located in Yellowstone National Park, and it gives tours of Old Faithful.

Even with movies as beloved as Big Trouble in Little China, there are always fun facts to learn. Are there any fun facts that I missed that you would like to share? Share it in the comments below, or become a Moviepilot Creator today and write a post about it!



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