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Talk about peace on the battlefield: Arrow's Stephen Amell has been enjoying one heck of a feud with the WWE's Stardust, A.K.A. Cody Rhodes, on Twitter and in the ring. With a possible one-on-one match brewing, the two rivals ended up doing something great with their endless fighting by raising money for sick children in need.

Through shirt sales that celebrated the rivals' two-on-two match a few weeks back on WWE, the pair raised $297,557 for Toronto-based children's hospice, Emily's House, which Amell has been a huge supporter of in the past.

Amell spoke about the visit, the good cause, and the moment of peace on his facebook page:

Sometimes you need to put your differences aside for a good cause. So today... Stardust and I presented Emily's House in Toronto with a check for $297,557 and helped open the Dream Space Playroom in memory of Oliver "Odd Sock Ollie" Muirhead. Can't really put into words what a special morning this was. The people who work and volunteer and Emily's House are actual real life superheroes.
The Muirhead family should know that their Son left a wonderful impression. And forgive the break in character for a moment, but Cody Rhodes is one of the most selfless, genuine human beings I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. What a day. SA

This is how battles are supposed to end -- with good things being done in result -- but it seems that this particular clash isn't over. While Amell wrote an affectionate "until next time," message, Stardust didn't hesitate to reignite the feud with a single subtweet:

Looks like we're back on, and the kids at Emily's House might be looking forward to seeing their heroes clash again soon enough.


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