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During promotion for her latest film, Spotlight, at this week's Toronto International Film Festival actress Rachel McAdams finally confirmed months of rumors that put her in the role of female lead for Marvel's upcoming film, Doctor Strange.

Speaking with Jeff Sneider of The Wrap, McAdams confirmed her involvement as the film's female lead, but didn't disclose exactly who she'd be playing:

It's been long-rumored that McAdams would take on the role of Clea, Strange's long-time love in comic book lore, but at the moment, the specifics are up in the air. Another notable opponent of Doctor Strange is Morgan le Fay, who was the 1978 film's antagonist portrayed by Jessica Walter -- who fans may know as the Bluth family matriarch in Arrested Development, or the Archer family matriarch in Archer.

Doctor Strange is set for release on November 4th, 2016.


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