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Something I recently realised is that the two main characters being introduced into Matt Murdock's world in Season 2 are Elektra and The Punisher. Now, it seems strange to me that we never heard any casting news about Bullseye except for when Jason Statham said that he was definitely not taking on that role or any other Marvel role. We did hear that Blake Tower has been cast, but in the comics he is a lawyer ally to Daredevil, so we can assume for now that we have not found out who the big bad of this season is yet. So I think it is time to talk about the possibilities of the season villain.

The Punisher!


Now I went as crazy as everyone else when I saw this casting news. Jon Bernthal is the perfect Frank Castle, and I'm super excited to see him introduced. The question is, in what capacity is he to be introduced in season 2? We know he is a bit of an anti-hero in the comics, and I think it possible that we will see him start out as a villain of some sort, before turning more towards the anti-heroic side of things. But as a villain for the whole season? I am inclined to doubt it.



Now I love this casting as well. I have to say this show has had top notch casting in every role I've seen so far. Elektra is almost certainly going to be introduced as part of "The Hand", the organisation that we saw characters like Nobu and Stick involved with in season 1. She may come into Hell's Kitchen to take Matt down as an agent of the Hand, or, if she is indeed the Greek girl mentioned in the first season and knows Matt, maybe she leaves the Hand and comes to warn Matt of their presence, meaning the season's main villain could be...

The Hand!

This scene really seemed like it could be setting up the big bad for season 2. The guy that Stick is facing looks like a leader of the Chaste, a rival organisation of the Hand, and this could be setting up a huge threat to Matt. It would also allow Elektra to be introduced as one of the agents of the Hand, and she could then join Matt later on as a friend (and lover?) which would really help advance the story. I've also recently heard that Stick will be back for season 2! But let's not forget that other characters introduced in season 1 could advance to main villain in season 2.

Madame Gao!

Madame Gao was a mysterious and kind of terrifying figure in season 1, and after leaving the city at the end of the season, I can definitely see her returning to get her revenge on everyone who wronged her. However it may make more sense if she is gone for longer before this happens, so maybe she won't be the big bad for season 2.

Vanessa Marianna!

Vanessa certainly turned a little evil and crazy, much like her boyfriend, throughout season 1, and now is certainly seeking revenge on Daredevil for putting away Fisk, so it could be she will invade the city with an army in this season. Then again... maybe she invades the prison at the start of the season... paving the way for the real big bad of the season...


Now that shot from the end of the season shows us pretty well that Wilson Fisk is no more, and the Kingpin is here now. Maybe the showrunners will keep what works, and just bring Kingpin out of prison to menace the city in a very different way. Does it work? I'm not sure. Would it be cool to see more of Vincent D'Onofrio as Fisk? YES!

But there is one other character I would be remiss for not including. She was just shady enough in season 1 to make her an outsider for going full evil villain in season 2. That character is...

Karen Page!

Why Me?
Why Me?

Yes, Karen Page. I love her, but that doesn't mean I can forget just how she killed James Wesley last season, and how, just before shooting him seven or eight times she said "Do you really think this is the first time I've shot someone?" That was very ominous, and I could actually see her going full evil next season.

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Which of these characters do you think is most likely to be the big bad in Season 2?


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