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It’s finally that horrific time of year again, where we go out of our way to terrify ourselves into a state of pure paranoia. Scary movies, haunting attractions and sleepless nights make the Halloween season what it is, and I could not be more excited!

I am personally not a big fan of horror films, but I do enjoy the classic slashers like Halloween and Friday the 13th. I also really enjoy getting out to the attractions that bring those scream-inducing characters to life. Unfortunately, however, I will be unable to attend one of the premier horror-themed events in the entire country, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still excited for Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights 25!

Taking place in both Orlando and Hollywood each year, HHN has become one of the parks’ most popular events and has developed a cult following. Blending together a great mix of classic horror movie, popular new movies and shows and original ideas, HHN delivers the fear on every level.

Now, I’m on the east coast, so all of my hype is aimed at the Orlando event. While I’m sure the Hollywood event has a lot to be excited about as well, Universal Studios Orlando has put together an impressive list of houses based on popular horror IP’s.


This is one of the most highly anticipated houses of this year’s event. A recent media event had people afraid to walk through the house with the lights on and without the scareactors. If that doesn’t scream creepy, I don’t know what does. Based on the recently released third chapter of the film series, this house is sure to delivery a fair share of supernatural scares.

The Purge

This was a big part of the event last year and proved to be very popular. However, while last year’s purge presence was based on the second movie and took place in the streets amidst the chaos of the annual purge, this year’s guests will venture into a house full of purging psychopaths. Good luck getting out of there alive!

American Werewolf in London

A lot of those aforementioned HHN cult followers are very excited about this one. In fact, this was the top rated house of 2013 and now it’s back for an encore. Based on the 1981 movie, this may not seem like a standout IP to go with but this house will draw a crowd for sure. Who doesn’t want to explore a house full of werewolves?

Freddy Vs. Jason

Speaking of exciting, this house has it all! Classic characters, a terrifying setting and the idea being caught in the middle of a blood-splattering battle. If you’ve ever been afraid of encountering Freddy in boiler room or Jason in a lakeside cabin, this is the house you want to go to for a scare. There will definitely be some awesomely gruesome fight scenes that you’re going to want to see.

The Walking Dead

Right now, this franchise is the pinnacle of the horror genre. One could argue that it’s not as much horror as it is a psychological thriller, but one certainly could not argue that it is certainly one of the most popular television franchises in the world right now. HHN cult followers are not excited about this one, as they are getting tired of the subpar houses based on The Walking Dead in the past. I, on the other hand, am very excited to see it back and see it as one of my most anticipated houses (second only to a non IP house). I understand the hate, but I would be thrilled to encounter a herd of walkers as I fight my way through the same locations that Rick and his crew have been so lucky to escape.

Halloween Horror Nights 25 starts up this Friday, September 18th and runs through October. It is an event not to be missed by horror fans!


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