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Believe it OR not Christopher Nolan's love for Comics(Manga in Japanese) hasn't passed yet. The Rumor this time is long gestating live-action Adaptation of Akira is in works and Nolan is somehow involved in it. This project has been kept in shelves for many years and WB now wants to Nolan to tackle it in traditional Trilogy. And We are also hearing the news that Nolan has met with a previously attached filmmaker to discuss the project (well clearly we don't know who was the previous attached film-maker but anyways).

The news is coming from Den of Geek, who are suggesting that 2017 Untitled Chris Nolan movie just could be first installment of the Trilogy. The project is being handled by Appian Way (Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company). And written by Son of Anarchy Writer Marco J. Ramirez. Akira was originally a six-volume manga written by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Well, I really think Nolan wouldn't direct it. No, I really don't think so because...

A. I think he is done with comics.

B. It really doesn't suit his Style. Don't get me wrong, He is genius when it comes to Smart Film-making. But I don't think He can direct a Action Scene correctly. Even his Dark Knight Trilogies are criticized just because there isn't a good gritty Action Sequence.

But I could be wrong

The Only thing says "Chris Nolan could be Director" in my mind is that Release Date of 21 July 2017. Because that Date comes in Summer Blockbuster Slot. And It is appropriate for WB to release an Action Epic in that Slot.

But Either way I am happy because Akira is One of the Best Manga in Manga history and it's Movies gathered "Critical Acclaim". And If it's tackled by Chris Nolan then IT IS indeed double treat for me.

What do you think?? Do you think this Rumor true?? If Yes then Are you excited??


Should he direct the Akira Trilogy??


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