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While the industry of superhero films and young adult adaptation has taken off into franchise heaven, potential live-action films based on Japanese animation have seen over a decade of setbacks when it comes to pre-production (we'll forget Dragonball, as we should in any regard). Scarlett Johansson is set to lead Ghost in the Shell, but the title on everyone's lips for as long as I can remember is Akira, the hit animated film that took the world by storm in the 80s and went down in history as essential viewing for anyone getting into the genre. Beloved by fans across the world, this particular film is a hot-button topic whenever its production process comes into conversation, and fans haven't been happy when it comes to rumors of renaming and possible casting choices.

The latest rumor surrounds The Dark Knight trilogy visionary Christopher Nolan, who is no stranger to media that matters to fans of the geeky persuasion. According to Den of Geeks:

We've now heard from a source close to Warner Bros. that the studio is planning to make a trilogy of films based on Akira - all the better to do justice to Otomo's sprawling dystopian sci-fi yarn, perhaps.

Most intriguingly of all, we're told that Christopher Nolan has met with a previously attached filmmaker (who we can't name here) within the past three months to talk about the project.

AKIRA was first created as a long-running graphic novel, then adapted to animated film, where it's lore truly hit the world stage. Rumors of the film's development have been brewing as far back as 2002, and while Nolan at the helm might seem like a good sign, there's no confirmation that the film is actually still in development at all.

Still, we do know that last week another bit of news started circulating that Nolan was set to work with Warner Bros. again on an unspecified project. Could it be this one?


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