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I'm Just a Harley Quinn freak and willing to post whatever describes me and expresss my thoughts on each little thing i discover

Usually I write stuff about Harley Quinn and The Joker but this time I'm going BEYOND DC COMICS and to Nintendo. Since a couple days ago was Mario and Luigi's anniversary since their creation (yes you can call it their birthday it pretty much is).

So, to show the world my application for my and everyone's love for our own entertainment, I found a clash mix Web series of Mario and friends with some modern warfare mix in it. It's a funny to see our favorite characters humanized and heated for war.

The YouTuber BeatDownBoogie goes to DragonCon amd gets his ideas from. So each day or when I feel it it I'll post one episode from Mario Warfare plus a bonus episode from BeatDownBoogie so we can see what he had in store for us

Here's the pilot for Mario Warfare.

Comment from my post or BeatDownBoogie.

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Enjoy :)


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