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One of the worst kept secrets of the MCU seems to have been finally confirmed with The Wrap reporting that the actress herself has confirmed her casting in Doctor Strange.

Ahem, strangely, Marvel didn't immediately respond to a lot of other outlet's requests, so it may be that Miss McAdams has 'jumped the gun', as we all know they like to do big reveals and with New York Comic-Con on the horizon, it would make sense if they wanted to keep the casting secret until then.

If the cat is out the bag then let the fun begin on who she plays.

We know Elizabeth Olsen is involved as Scarlet Witch, so the obvious possibility is that she will be playing Clea, the Sorceress Supreme Of The Dark Dimension!

We know that this movie is going to be bringing in new dimensions, literally to the MCU and it would make sense that a version of the comic book Clea would serve as a love interest for Doctor Strange. The original saw her watching Strange from afar and warning him of danger, leading to the good Doctor saving her life on more than one occasion. Could the danger this time be caused by everyone's favourite Maximoff trying to resurrect someone?

McAdams is a strong actress and has a good presence to play this kind of role, especially if it's more of a slow reveal as to who she actually is. She's done a couple of blockbusters in the Sherlock Holmes franchise now, so if there ever is a crossover with Tony Stark, that could also add to the fun "Dual Sherlock" vibes.

I am liking how this cast is shaping up...come on, just gotta get Mads signed now!

Source: The Wrap


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