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You know, there are a lot of fan films out there and while there are definitely some really good ones, there are definitely some really bad ones as well. Check out the list of some of the must see fan films based off of videogames.

Now, moving away from all of that. Fallout 4 has been announced. Bethesda brought forward a stellar presentation at E3 and If you're anything like me, you can't wait any longer for the game's release. I've been a fan ever since I discovered "Fallout 3" back in 2010. My biggest fear was that the Fallout series had come to an end after "Fallout New Vegas". Now, my desire to see a brand new (in every way!) Fallout installment is happening, and I couldn't be any more excited!

To hold you off and (hopefully) make the wait seem just a bit shorter. You might want to take a look at the Fallout fan series done by "Wayside Creation" called "Fallout: Nuka Break". I saw one fan film a few years back and it was trash, completely put the Fallout series to shame. This, however is one of the best I've seen. It's entertaining, humorous, and dare I say, binge worthy.

Check out the trailer below:

Along with the film "Wayside Creation" has developed a "Fallout: Nuka Break" series broken into two seasons, and a second short film titled "Red Star".

If you feel like doing so, you can watch the films in order, and here it is:

Take a look at the great work "Wayside Creation" has done. They've put in (being a fellow filmmaker) a lot of time and hard work and it definitely shows. Of course, it's just a fan film, but some fans when they put their mind to it can clearly do some amazing things. Hopefully this tides over your anticipation for "Fallout 4". It truly is one of the better fan films I've seen.


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