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Sorry about the recent lack of Netflix reviews guys. I've been moving into University in Edinburgh, meaning I have way better access to Scottish and English comic cons. I'm hoping to go to London Comic Con next month! Anyway, now I'm settled I got a chance to watch a film I've wanted to watch for a while, Begin Again!

Now if you can't see from the trailer, Begin Again stars Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Imitation Game) and Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers, Thanks for Sharing). Ruffalo stars as Dan, an out-of-luck music producer who gets fired from his job as he falls into drunken disrepair. On his worst night yet, he finds himself in a bar where he hears Steve (James Cordon) introducing his friend to play a song. Dan hears the song and turns around to find Gretta (Knightley) playing it. He finds himself invigorated, and entices Gretta to let him get her noticed. What follows is an innovative idea that leads to a crazy summer across New York City as the pair attempt to make an entire album, complete with an all star cast of musical stars, including Adam Levine, Hailee Steinfeld, CeeLo Green, and more.

An interesting sub-plot is the relationships that Gretta and Dan have with the people around them. Gretta has recently got rid of a boyfriend turned mega-star, who lost interest in her, while Dan is still getting abuse from his ex-wife about not spending enough time with his daughter, despite his wife having cheated on him and forced him into a crappy apartment.

This film is very innovative in its concept, and the list of stars makes the music a great accompaniment to it. I didn't expect to find a film centered so much on music, compared to the relationship between Ruffalo and Knightley, but this film finds time for both. Steinfeld probably got her role in Pitch Perfect 2 due to her musical talents being showcased in this film, and it was great to see Ruffalo take on another very different role to what I expect from him. I highly recommend giving this film a watch on Netflix, it's fun, hilarious, and smart.

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