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Grab your pitchforks! Storm the castle! YELL INCOMPREHENSIBLE ANGRY BABBLE!

This is the major reaction to the most unexpected movie news you're probably going to hear in a while: Disney is making a new Mary Poppins! That's right, Mary Poppins, the incredible timeless classic about a magical singing nanny—Disney is making another one.

Mary Poppins is loved pretty much universally. The characters are memorable, the whimsy is the amount you'd expect from a Disney film (a.k.a very whimsical), and the songs are just so darn catchy! Who hasn't belted out 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' at least twenty or twenty-five times a week?

(Go ahead, sing along, you know you want to!)

You can imagine the sudden and absolutely expected backlash when Disney announced that Into the Woods director Rob Marshall was adapting Mary Poppins for the modern audience.

Disney had to know the kind of reaction they'd get from this news, right? I mean, reboots and adaptions come in waves in this day and age, but generally, they tend to get a bad rep.

Sure, we still see them, and enjoy quite a lot of them, not to mention we all get that wonderful nostalgic feeling whenever something from our childhood pops up again. But we always fear that if something from our childhood did come out in this modern day, it would go the route of...The Smurfs.

Magical woodland creatures and you put them in NYC!
Magical woodland creatures and you put them in NYC!

A lot of adaptions and reboots of older things have flopped, simply because they try to change too much of what made the originals great.

I'm all for switching things up and breaking away a bit from the source material, but that doesn't necessarily mean throw the source material away, and replace it with something gimmicky and cliched. Like I said, Mary Poppins is a big thing for a lot of people; myself included. It's an incredible classic, that we certainly don't want to see ruined.

But I'm here to tell you that a new Mary Poppins movie ISN'T bad! In fact, it's a pretty good thing. Now before you aim those pitchforks towards me (or leave a nasty comment, both sting), let me explain why:

This Isn't a Reboot!

First things first, you don't have to worry about Miss Mary Poppins getting rebooted. This new film isn't a reboot at all - in fact, it's sort of a sequel. Sort of. Confused? I am too a little.

The new film will be take place 20 years after the first, and will be set in Depression-era London. That's all we really know for now, story wise at least, but it at least assures us that this new movie won't just be a rehash of the original.

Like I said, it's more of a sequel. While it won't directly follow the events of the first film, it'll be in the same continuity, and will continue Mary's adventures with the Banks family. What that means, I'm not sure. More details will probably come out soon.

But for now, you can feel safe knowing that you won't have to toss the first film aside as non-canon, to make room for a reboot.

It's Still a Period Piece (So No Modernization)!

People aren't too keen to seeing their favorite childhood classics get "modernized." Modernized is when you take something from a different time, and bring it into the present. Now, this doesn't mean setting in the modern day is necessarily a root to failure, a lot of modernized films do that, and a lot of them succeed.

But the worst cases of modernization is when a film gets so modern and cliched, that it strays way too far from what made its source material great. Nobody wants to see Annie as the side character in a larger story about a cell phone mogul trying to boost his numbers in the Mayoral election poll. Or see the Smurfs, magical creatures from an enchanted forest, rocking out to Guitar Hero and dealing with public transportation in New York City.

Luckily, Disney knows that we don't want to see Mary Poppins riding a flying skateboard or singing pop songs, so this new film won't be a modernization. Like I said before, the film will be set during the Depression era of London, putting it in the 1930s. While it's quite a long gap from the first film's 1910 setting, it's still sure to be an interesting time period to explore.

Not to mention a topic like the Depression era of London - when thousands of people filed for unemployment due to an economy crash - will surely be a sad one. Mary Poppins' habit of spreading joy wherever she goes will be much appreciated there.

This Movie Will Almost Certainly Be Oscar Worthy!

When Mary Poppins came out in 1964, it was a visual masterpiece, something great to look at! Nowadays, if you look back at it, it doesn't really hold up. That's not to say it isn't still a great movie; it is. But when you compare its visuals to the films Disney's been putting out today, you can see just how far they've come.

That being said, just imagine what Disney can do with a new Mary Poppins! Disney no longer has limits, it isn't struggling to stay in business like so very long ago. Countless critically acclaimed films over the years have solidified Disney's large spot in our hearts!

With the money and skill that Disney has now, a new Mary Poppins could not only be beyond visually stunning, but it could be stunning in about every other department as well! Just look at Frozen. Yes, it's an animated movie, and also it's a bit overused when talking about good Disney movies - but it's got award-winning songs, great characters and actors with Oscar-worthy performances. Apply all that to a new Mary Poppins, and you've got an instant success of a film!

Even Into the Woods, which I personally didn't like all that much, was a hit! I didn't have to like it to see why so many people enjoyed it. This new Mary Poppins is sure to be full of magical special effects, stellar performances and memorable songs that will satisfy older and newer audiences alike!

I, of course, haven't seen the movie yet (still fixing the kinks in my time machine), so I have no idea whether it will fail or not. Disney might have a few hit-or-misses in its library of films, but they know that Mary Poppins is one of their best.

So even though it's not impossible for this new Mary Poppins to flop, I'm certain that Disney is putting their absolute best into it. I guess we'll know for sure whenever this new Mary Poppins comes out! Oh, and by the way Disney, you had better get Julie Andrews back for it!

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