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Alisha Grauso

Those crazy kids behind the Deadpool marketing team are at it again.

In honor of the Golden Girls 30th anniversary, and Deadpool's idol, Bea Arthur, the official Twitter account for the movie tweeted out a series of pictures of Deadpool and the Golden Girls hanging least, their yarn doll avatars.

And after lunch, they all retreated to the living room to talk to Blanche about her flavor of the month and Rose about stories from St. Olaf.

And of course, Ryan Reynolds waded (Hah! Get it?) into the conversation and things got awkward immediately.

Good for Wade, snuggled up to his one true love, Bea Arthur.



She is his waifu, his GWB. It's a thing.

After the movie hits theaters, Fox needs to give that social media team a champagne dinner.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016.


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