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Nearly a year ago I started doing weekly game reviews on YouTube. Recently I came to realize that I was calling them the wrong thing. I was not reviewing the games, I was making informational vids about games. I realized this shortly before I started to feel burnt out, and tired of playing so many games. Since September 2014 I have played an estimated sixty plus games. That is sixty games in fifty two weeks.

I love games. I have always loved them. So why am I feeling burnt out? I feel burnt out because I was not giving myself the time I needed to relax and play a game. I still enjoyed most of the games I played. But for me the amount of enjoyment I got from them was decreasing with each game I played. Were these games any worse than the game I had played the previous week? The answer I have come up with is no. But my ability to take pleasure from them was diminished by the fact that it was all I had time for. If I had just been playing the games because I wanted to play them then it might have taken me a long time to do my next vid. So I kept pushing myself to play a different game each week. And some of these games were games that I needed to play a lot to get myself familiar with them again and so that I would feel comfortable doing a vid on them.

All gamer`s have wanted to do this at least once
All gamer`s have wanted to do this at least once

Because of this I have come to have more respect for those YouTuber`s and game magazine writers who play a lot of games every year. I am a Gamer and I love my games, but I do need time away from them sometimes, or to simply play a game for fun.

I have come up with a solution that I think will help me with this but I felt I should share my experience with anyone out there who is doing a similar thing or interested in doing so. I actually came up with three different solutions to my burnout:

  • I could take a break from YouTube and go back to playing games to relax. Its not like I`m one of the popular YouTuber`s we all know, so I won`t risk anything by doing this.
  • I could stop doing the Vid`s all together.
  • Lastly I could simply cut back on the amount of games I do vid`s about.

I choose to do the last option. But why would I choose that when I`m not a famous YouTuber like Angry Joe, or Matthew Santoro? I want to do my vid`s because its something I enjoy.

I want to share the things I love in this world with anyone who is interested in finding out about them. Its the same reason why I have written the things I did on here. They may not be the best stories/articles you will find on here. But they are my honest thoughts. I try to be honest in everything I do. Below you will find a link to my YouTube channel. Feel free to check it out.

As I say on my channel "Remember: Play to Game, and Game to Play"


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