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During an interview with MTV news, producer and writer of 2015's Fantastic Four, Simon Kinberg, expressed that a sequel to the film is moving forward in production, despite negativity towards it.

Kinberg acknowledged the film received much negativity from not only critics, but fans of the comic book. He expressed his belief in there being a great 'Fantastic Four' movie in this cast, and that him and the studio are figuring out what that movie would be.

Personally as not only a fan of the Fantastic Four and super hero movies as a whole, this was a disgrace to what super hero movies are supposed to be today. You'd think that after great films like Iron Man, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy, we would be rid of films close to that of Catwoman and Ghost Rider. Regardless, we witnessed a film that could possibly be worse.

The film lost focus a majority of the time, whatever chemistry that the cast had was off-screen, and it was very obvious that there were major cuts to this movie, being the random time lapses as evidence.

Personally, I don't think a sequel is a good idea at all. Not only did it receive such negative claims, but Fox only made $160 million world-wide, which is a huge flop. And considering Kinberg wants to bring the original cast back is dumbfounded considering there was no chemistry between any of them.

Honestly, Fox needs to give the film rights back to Marvel. The only reason why a Fantastic Four movie was made in 2015 was because they wanted to keep the rights to the characters and franchise.

One can only imagine what a Fantastic Four film would have looked like if Marvel Studios was involved.


So what do you think? Should a sequel to Fant4stic be made?

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