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DeeDee White

Vampires of yesteryear

My years of movie watching has lead me to the simple realization that Vampires have become incredibly sexy and less and less mystical. Maybe it's just me but from The Lost Boys to Buffy and its Angel counterparts were...I'd put it out there more or less what I see vampires as.

David, Paul, Marco, and Dwayne would in my eyes tear apart the vampires we have now for the simple fact that they could. Lestat and Spike would judge what TV has decided is a vampire today.

Now I'm not going to include Edward Cullen because, they're fucking vegan ok! Not vampires, they in my opinion are L.A's version of the VAmpire something that used to terrify me as a child.

"You're one of us now, Michael."

Was not a....brotherly greeting, eating your brother and fighting his dog is not something just DONE in high school while still leaving time to hit up the mall for the next movie slot.

What's your favorite and least favorite Vampire movie?


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