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Horror movies are what fuel my life. I remember seeing my first scary movie from behind the couch when I was actually supposed to be asleep.

American Horror Story was perhaps the best thing to happen to FX. It had the perfect mix of freaky and scary poured into one show. It even kept people wondering if it would last because it was too much for TV. People were genuinely freaked out, but still so interested in what the show had to offer. I was too and probably will still be until their very last episode. The decline of interest that I noticed in other viewers, though, makes me wonder if they haven't got much left to offer.

Season one was everything you would hope for in an American Horror Story season. Appropriately titled Murder House, it proved itself as much freaky as it was scary. Season one captivated so many viewers, it became the most popular season of the year.

Season two, Asylum, had people disgusted and understandably unable to sleep without a night light. With lamp shades made of human skin and Jessica Lange as a naughty nun, the crowds were drawn in again and the show's future looked very promising.

Cut to season three. Coven is cool but is it scary? Not at all. The show is called American Horror Story, but where is the horror? The season almost seemed as though it was only meant to appeal to an audience of teenage girls who were a little more tough than the type that watch Glee. Prior to this season, it appealed to a general audience of anyone who could handle the amount of weird that was emitting from the show.

Season four caught people's attention with the promise of freaky. While it was freaky, it still seemed to lack the general assumption that it was going to be a horror show. I lost interest somewhere in between Twisty's story about why he became Twisty and ma Petit being killed. What I'm trying to get at here is, why are the creators backing away from the horror? Was it actually deemed too much or are they trying to settle the viewers down before they blow our minds with Hotel in season 5? I'll wait.

See the teaser trailer for American Horror Story: Hotel, with Lady Gaga, below.


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