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You might have seen a bunch of posts starting with '5 Day TV Challenge' last week, and all the posts titled '5 Day Movie Challenge' a week before. First off, stick around, because there are a lot more awesome challenges coming - and with them comes more awesome Creator posts!

Secondly, I'm a little late to the party. The '5 Day TV Challenge' was last week, and though I was nominated, I was a little too busy to participate. But hey, better late than never right? That's why this week, I'm taking the '5 Day TV Challenge', starting with day 1!

So here it is, the show I binged in ONE sitting, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

This Netflix original series is one I never saw myself watching, let alone liking. But, to my surprise, I liked it enough to sit in my room and binge the entire season in one day!

It's not that I expected the show to be horrible, but me and Tina Fey's form of comedy didn't really got along. I tried to get into 30 Rock, but I lost interest pretty quickly. Regardless, I decided to give it a try after hearing so many good things about it (I gave in to hype, so sue me).

And honestly, it was the best decision of my life. Ok, that's a big exaggeration, I've made a lot of other great decisions, I'm sure—not eating that frozen burrito for instance. But watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is absolutely up there in the greatest decisions I've ever made in life!

Unbreakable follows 29-year-old Kimmy Schmidt, who has to adapt to life in the modern world after being a part of an underground doomsday cult for 15 years. As you can probably imagine, 15 years worth of stuff to catch up on is a lot, and a little overwhelming for Kimmy. Luckily, it's absolutely hilarious for everyone watching.

The jokes are clever, the premises clever, and the characters are clever. What I'm getting at, is that this is a clever show. It's also incredibly hilarious. Ellie Kemper is non-stop laughs as Kimmy! And the supporting cast is great as well.

Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock plays Kimmy's rich boss, Jacqueline Voorhees. While I didn't really like her that much in 30 Rock, she's comedy gold here as a snobby Manhattanite with an odd Native American past (you'll have to watch and see)

Tituss Burgess plays Titus Andromedon, Kimmy's energetic best friend/roommate. Kimmy is certainly a hilarious lead character, but Titus is my absolute favorite character in this show!

The national anthem for lazy people.
The national anthem for lazy people.

Titus is everything you want in a best friend character. He's funny, flamboyant, outspoken, and every single word this guy says is subject to all kinds of memes! Not to mention, in a show where everybody is a comedic character, Titus does an outstanding job of being the comedy relief. If that makes any sense...

With character like Kimmy and Titus, I had no trouble watching all 13 episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix in one sitting! My only regret is that I now have to wait until spring of 2016 before I can watch any new episodes. Oh well, time to watch the first season all over again!

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