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I know, realistically, that we ALL have got to die sometime. But, there are a few people on TWD that just cannot be killed off. And, realistically again, not everyone is killed by zombies. Especially the ones who know the most about how to deal with them! On THIS show, there are a few characters that, if they were killed, would shake the foundation of the show, down to the roots. These characters MUST stay ... so they can lead the others (and all "newcomers"), teach them, and protect them. In my opinion (which, when put with about $7 MIGHT get you a good cup of coffee), these characters are:

1). Daryl - as much as it pains me, he has moved ahead of Rick, and become the "fan-favorite"! Don't get me wrong ... Daryl is my #2 favorite, anyway, and he deserves to be here!

2). Rick - the undisputed leader of the group (and, any group they come into contact with).

3). Carol - need I say any more? WoW! She has brought a surprising hard-core to the show, and she takes nuthin' from nobody, anymore. We need THAT kind of tough woman on the show ... and she needs to spread her "knowledge" to every other woman (and, alot of the men)!

4). Michonne - another "tough" woman ... who could (possibly) keep Carol from going over copletely to the "dark side"!

5). Maggie - yep, we've got to have a "hot" woman on the show ... but also a woman who could always be a "love interest", and someone for the propagation of the species!


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