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Chloe Moretz is ready to kick ass again in this new apocalyptic thriller, but don't expect The 5th Wave to be like any other dystopian YA adaptation you've seen before!

The "others" are here and they aren't very keen on sharing the space! The first full-length trailer for the film adaptation of the best selling YA novel The 5th Wave crashed onto the internet and holy-moly is it intense! Kick Ass star Chloe Moretz stars as Cassie, a young girl in search of her brother as the 5th wave of the alien invasion on earth hits. Now Chloe may be a seasoned fighter, but is she ready to take on beings of a third kind? Also starring Liev Schreiber, Sons of Anarchy's Maggy Stiff, and Jurrassic Park The Lost World's Nick Robinson, The 5th Wave chronicles the last wave of an alien invasion that has already sent monumental earthquakes, disease, and even their own kind to inhabit human bodies as their host.

I know what you are thinking, Oh no, not another YA film about a girl in the future where the world is ending blah blah blah, but just hold that thought. Watch the new full length trailer then read below why The 5th Wave can hold it's own in the dystopian genre and isn't just for young adults!

1. Chloe Grace Moretz Isn't Your Average Heroine

Chloe has proven time and again she can LITERALLY kick ass! She's experienced in stunts (which there will be a LOT of us in this film) and when she stage fights you can never tell if she actually just broke a guys nose for real or not! Girl doesn't need anyone to teach her how to fight or act, she can carry an action film on her shoulders like it was nothing. Chloe is an actress both guys and girls cans get behind and appreciate, so we have no doubt she will deliver a solid performance for any audience watching The 5th Wave! Also, she LOVES the books and is dedicated to playing Cassie as close to the books as possible to give the fans what they deserve!

2. It's NOT a Love Triangle Story

We've been there and done that, and ya we are sick of it too. DON"T WORRY! Fans of the books alike will all tell you just to chillax because the book, and definitely the film from what we can see, does NOT center around a love triangle like many YA predecessors do! Nope, while there are 3 guys that catch Cassie's eye, The 5th Wave really centers around Cassie trying to save her brother during the impending alien apocalypse, so you are more likely to see a real life alien than you are seeing an argument of who gets the girl in the film! Refreshing right?

3. Aliens!

YES! We are talking close encounters of the third kind! It's been a hot minute since we have seen an alien movie hit the theaters that was worth our while and you know you miss them too! There is something undeniably thrilling about alien films that make our minds stretch out into galaxies beyond our comprehension, and question our very existence. The 5th Wave taps into that awe and wonder and delivers an alien invasion like you've never seen before, and will definitly not be suitable for the youngins! Also in most alien films there is the question as to if they are friend or foe for most the movie, in The 5th Wave we know from the first wave that the "others" are definitely out to annihilate us and are not good with sharing. Creep factor = a million!

4. The Supporting Cast is MAJOR

Liev Shreiber, Maggy Stiff, Ron Livingston?!? These are not your mamas actors! No these are some of the best most respected In the business, and you KNOW they would not just sign on to some little young adult film for no reason. No, these actors have their pick of the lot, and it really says something that they are making The 5th Wave series a part of their careers. I am a huge Sons of Anarchy fan so when I saw Maggy Stiff's name, I was SOLD!

Excited yet? I think this movie is TOTALLY going to be in a league of it's own The 5th Wave doesn't hit theaters until next year, so there is plenty of time for you to check out the book and brace for impact!


Would you survive to the 5th wave?


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