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First let me say if you have not seen the first Maze Runner movie from 2014 then shame on you as it was it offered a great combination of Science Fiction, action and suspense. The Scorch Trials doesn't disappoint as it give you more of the same but on a grander scale. Secondly, I would like to mention that my review of the article is coming from the point of view of someone that has not read the books. So my review is based solely on the merit of The Scorch Trials being a good movie or not. With that said here we go.

Official Scorch Trials Trailer

While the first movie concentrated on a group of kids overcoming the Maze; the Scorch Trials was largely about a group of kids overcoming the Scorch. And trust me when I say this the Scorch is just as formidable as the Maze if not more formidable. Just like the first Maze Runner movie The Scorch Trials will have you on the edge of your seats wondering how in the world will Thomas get out of this situation but like I said before it is on a much grander scale than the first movie. So, the action definitely delivers and fans of the first movie will definitely not be disappointed. This movie delivers on acting and believability as well. I was really convinced that these kids where running for their lives.

Next I want to discuss how good of a job the directors did in making us care about the characters in the original Maze Runner movie. Especially considering that we had no back story on any of these characters because they had no memories of there past. The Scorch Trials definitely continues that trend of being invested in the well being of the characters and successfully adds a few more characters that don't know who they are or were they come from that you just can't help but care about.

Last but not least just like the first Maze Runner the Scorch Trials will leave you wanting more! I could not wait to see the Scorch Trials because the original Maze Runner did such a great job of leaving me hanging. Who would think that getting left hanging would be a good thing but in this case it was a great thing because it left me needing (not wanting) to know more. The Scorch Trials will definitely have you wanting more at a minimal.

I really think if you saw the first Maze Runner that the Scorch Trials is a must see. If the trailer interest you and you think you may want to see the Scorch Trials my suggestion is to watch the original Maze Runner first as Scorch Trials leans heavily on the audience knowing what happen in the first movie. Bottom line if you enjoyed the first movie this movie will not let you down and we leave you wanting more.


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