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Well hello there friends,

Will I take it from the raging of some that they saw the list of what DC Comics was cancelling in December and well... Should have brought it when you had the chance me thinks.... I’m sorry/not sorry but my inner smart ass just had to say it.

Let me be rather frank my dear friends but Sensational to my knowledge when it was first announced was suppose to showcase Wonder Woman. Whether modern or classic it was suppose to be about how awesome her 74 years of being around was.... But when you start a book about Wonder Woman using non Wonder Woman gallery members.... In the words of South Park....

You’re not going to have a good time....

And I didn’t.

Those first three books turned me off to the title... Gotham style really... IT’S A WONDER WOMAN SERIES DAMN IT... 74 YEARS OF WONDER WOMAN VILLAINS AND YOU COULDN’T THINK OF ONE TO USE?

I mean I’m 27 and I don’t know everything about Wonder Woman but Google is a search engine one uses to learn more about things you don’t know much about. Silver Swan (I LOVE PEREZ’S WONDER WOMAN RUN. It’s the first Wonder Woman series I read to this day still my favor... I waited for Silver Swan to show up, but nope too busy with big arms WW to do that... lol), Circe, Cheetah, Male Cheetah, Dark Angel, Giganta, the creepy monocle Nazi lady... OLD SCHOOL ARES! Nope went the Batman’s gallery...

Big arms no neck art Wonder Woman but let’s try to forget I ever saw that... My eyes with that art... I can’t unsee that...

Let’s get serious and end this. DC yes having women writers is important but I don’t just want women writers to say lookie here we have women writing. I want good women writers with stories that connect to readers. No more than that I want great storytellers. And whether you are male or female that is all a lover of stories can ask for.

You want to know why I love Meredith Finch and read her Wonder Woman... she is a good storyteller. Her Wonder Woman is compelling, layered and complex. Like me. You see struggle and pain. Love and heartbreak. Happiness and a sense what am I doing... She makes an icon as big as Wonder Woman feel like human and relatable....

Sensation not so much. I can across as preachy and If I want a sermon I’ll get one on Sundays at church. DC if you really want to broaden the base with female readers stop trying to preach at us. I am not “one of them”. I don’t want to read rainbows and sunshine. I believe feminism isn’t about women belittling men to feel powerful (I believe Wonder Woman told Steve to look pretty in WW Convergence which made me cringe) but about men and women working together(We are each other’s shelter from the storms SMWW).

Its sad to see a title go but then again if it isn’t connecting to the audience then let it go and try something else. There has to be a balance in storytelling but Sensational was again I can’t stress this enough too preachy (and I’m a girl). Yes we want Wonder Woman to have a strong powerful message (for men and women) but you also need eyes open to read it. And if people aren’t reading it then that message of empowerment will go nowhere.

That’s all I got to say on that... Peace.


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