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Disney has tapped into the hearts and minds of children everywhere, teaching them to be kind and let their imagination run wild. For years, Disney has given us many wonderful animated movies that not only resonate with kids, but with adults as well. Now Disney is trying something new by making their animated movies with live-action adaptations. We had it first with Alice in Wonderland, then with Maleficent, and we have it here with Cinderella.

As great and timeless as the original Cinderella movie is, this new iteration has several things that succeed its predecessor. Here are five things that this new Cinderella did better than the original:

1. Backstory

There have been several versions of the Cinderella story, with Disney's animated movie to be the most popular. However, in the classic tale and in the movie as well, you get to see why Cinderella is so kind. Her mother always taught her to be kind and to never change because she has the purest heart. When her mother passes away, her father is all alone in taking care of her and he tries his best to give Cinderella the love and care she needs, but it's hard being a single parent. So he marries Lady Tremaine - better known as the Wicked Stepmother.

Here you get to see why every character is the way they are. You are given brief introductions of each character and realize that they are far more developed than they are in the animated film.

2. Prince Charming

Let's face it, the original Prince Charming in the animated movie was just a bland character. Mostly because the story wasn't about him at all, it was about Cinderella finding true love and her true love is Prince Charming.

Richard Madden did a great job playing a young prince who wants to marry out of his feelings and love for a person. He is conflicted as he must make a decision on what is best for his kingdom or for himself; but what good is ruling a kingdom if you aren't happy?

3. Spectacles

This is a bit of cheat because back in the '50s you couldn't do much in the effects department, but what you see in this film is truly breathtaking. Keeping it short, the visuals and effects are gorgeous and just leave you with your mouth gaped.

4. Supporting Characters

In the original film we had the mice and the stepsisters as supporting characters. In this film we get a couple more; each with interesting motives. We get to see the Grand Duke of the kingdom who is basically the foil of Prince Charming and the Captain of the Guards who is Prince Charming's friend. The job of a supporting character is to support our ideals and love for main characters and they do a terrific job doing just that.

5. The Chemistry

Unlike the original, the Prince dances with Cinderella once and she runs off and he falls madly in lover with her... Yeah, that's a bit weird. In this film we get to see the chemistry between Cinderella and Prince Charming from beginning to end and it makes perfect sense. It's believable and just leads to superior story telling.

Those are my utmost top 5 things the new film did better than the original. Be sure to check out my other articles and follow me on Twitter @MannyCastell

Cinderella comes out on DVD and Blu-ray September 15 so be sure to get it!


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