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Dylan O'Brien is not just a pretty face, and if the Scorch Trials were real? He'd totally survive!

Dylan O'Brien may be kicking ass and taking names on-screen in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, but how would he fare in real-life? I think he'd nail it.

The Scorch Trials follows your favorite greenies after they discover that being in the Maze was all apart of an elaborate plan by Wicked (WCKD) to "protect" the human race. Thomas and his friends are thrust into the Scorch with unforeseen threats that make the Maze look like child's play.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

As Scorch prepares to hit theaters this Friday, September 18th, we look at five reasons why Dylan O'Brien totally has what it takes to be a real-life Thomas and survive the Scorch Trials:

1. He's a weirdo

Dylan O'Brien could not care less what people think of him; a trait that would definitely come in handy in the Scorch Trails. The kid has done some crazy stuff, like dance with a Christmas tree at 1:30am, which suggests that he would do whatever insane things necessary to survive the Scorch! I mean, just watch his YouTube video below, you'll understand what we mean...

2. He's not afraid to be the bad guy

When you are in the Scorch, you gotta do what you gotta do. Dylan O'Brien has shown several times as Stiles on Teen Wolf that he can get pretty angry, and when that happens... you want to be far, far away. Dude is invincible and can play a pretty convincing bad guy - which could really intimidate his enemies and help him defeat the threats of the Scorch!

3. He's a leader

Ummm, did you see him kick-ass in the Maze Runner?! Dylan has been there, done that! He not only survived the Maze, but he got everyone else out, too! Dylan was a full-blown Hollywood action star in The Maze Runner and definitely earned the respect he deserved in Hollywood. Also, the whole cast took to each other very well and really viewed Dylan as their leader, which made the film even more authentic! Where Dylan goes, people follow!

4. He's loyal as hell

If you want to know what loyalty is, just look at Dylan O'Brien's love for the Mets, his favorite baseball team. He is literally obsessed and even managed to sneak a little shout-out to the Mets on Teen Wolf, even though his character Stiles is from California. See that little "Go Mets" scribbled on the bookshelf down below? That kind of loyalty, in a deal with the right people in the Scorch, could save your life!

5. He's got some SERIOUS moves

With moves like this, we're pretty sure Dylan could moonwalk his way out of the Scorch just fine, totally unscathed.

Still not convinced? You will be when you see Dylan O'Brien in [Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials](tag:1142567) this coming Friday, September 18th!


Would you survive The Scorch?


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