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Rumors have been circulating that Fox has cancelled its planned sequel of Fantastic Four in favor of a Deadpool sequel. Other rumors say that simply isn't true and that Fox is indeed planning on going through with a sequel. The most likely scenario is that Fox is waiting to see how Deadpool does in the box office and if it performs significantly better than the Fantastic Four then chances are good that the studio will focus on a Deadpool sequel first and a Fantastic Four sequel second, if at all.

The sad truth is that the general audience is tired of the Fantastic Four. Between Marvel canceling the comic title outright and the latest Fox reboot failing at the box office, it's safe to assume that people are just over it. It looks like the best thing for Fox to do is create some sort of co-licensing deal with Marvel/Disney like they did with Spiderman. Even if a co-licensing deal does happen, though it's unlikely, it would be years before Marvel/Disney would be able to do anything with them.

But an alternative solution may exist. And that solution could be Franklin and Valeria Richards, the son and daughter of Sue and Reed Richards. There are many reasons why these two characters taking center stage in the Fantastic Four universe could be Fox's saving grace.

Let's start with Franklin Richards.

Franklin Richards and Dr. Doom
Franklin Richards and Dr. Doom


Franklin is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. In fact as a toddler he was able to subconsciously alter reality itself, which in turn changed the course of history in the Marvel universe. As a grown adult he was able to use his power combined with his sister Valeria's power to control and summon the cosmic world eating giant Galatcus, a feat that had never been accomplished by anyone previously.

He's a time traveler who can travel between realities as well. This could be a useful tool for Fox to take advantage of because it means they have the options of using either a young or adult version of Franklin or of course both. As we've seen with the X-Men franchise, Fox is fond of time travel story lines involving alternate version of their characters.

Here is what has to say about Franklin's abilities:

"His powers are so great that he has been compared to the Celestials (Said to be even greater than them.), rather than other mutants. In terms of unrealized potential, Franklin was generally considered for years to be one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, greatly surpassing even mutants such as Charles Xavier and Magneto easily."

Franklin Richards heralds Galactus
Franklin Richards heralds Galactus

X-Men Tie In:

Franklin is classified as an Omega level mutant making him one of the most powerful mutants in existence. Other Omega level mutants include Jean Grey and Emma Frost but Franklin Richards surpasses both in sheer power. Since Franklin is a mutant, and a time traveling mutant at that, it would only make sense to tie his character in with the X-Men which would help expand Fox's superhero cinematic universe. In fact a Franklin Richards tie in would be a better fit and make more sense on screen than a traditional Fantastic Four tie in.

Valeria Richards
Valeria Richards

Valeria Richards

A.K.A. Valeria Von Doom A.K.A. Marvel Girl is the younger sister of Franklin. She is one of Marvel's most intelligent characters, on par with Dr. Doom himself as well as her father Reed Richards.

Her powers include superhuman strength, time travel and force field generation. While she is the daughter of Sue and Reed Richards she was first introduced in the comics as the daughter of Victor Von Doom and in some alternate realities she still is.


If Fox would be willing to take a slight gamble and focus the Fantastic Four franchise on Franklin and Valeria Richards they could possibly save the franchise from total doom. Pun intended. And if they are really interested in expanding their cinematic universe this could be one of the best ways to do it. Audiences are looking for fresh stories rather than the same story being retold every few years. These characters are young and Fox can allow them to grow into something more than just the kids of Sue and Reed, they could grow them into a franchise of their own. This would allow for the Fantastic Four name to stay relevant while telling new stories focused on fresher characters. Being able to tie the Fantastic Four franchise in with the existing X-Men franchise will allow Fox to create a universe of their own and with these two characters a tie in can be done smoothly and in a way that actually makes sense.

Let us know what you think.

For more in depth info on Franklin Richards check out this youtube video:


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